About Women At The Wheel


Womenstories is about retrieving overlooked histories through the lens of art and begins with Women At the Wheel: Stories of remarkable women shattering cultural roadblocks and gendered assumptions.  WATW reconstructs a century-old narrative that all but relegated women to riding shotgun in the history of the automobile. Women made tremendous contributions to the techno-industrial landscape, and their stories restore a missing narrative in our collective memory. 

Women At The Wheel is a series of thirteen 12" x 12" sheet metal paintings of a woman or group of women with an authentic artifact from the period the woman lived. The series spans the history of the automobile from the 1900's to present day.

From inventing windshield wipers and brake lights to setting speed records in national/international racing events, or inventing Kevlar, or making interior design a key automotive component, these women created a mobility of possibilities that resulted in women's suffrage and opened doors to work opportunities beyond color and economic barriers.

Despite concentrated effort to erase contributions women have made, their voices prevail and their achievements must be properly attributed. 

These women defied constricting social norms to make, do and be. Their stories are timeless because the truth of their lives is like an IOU: The payment of their achievements comes due with every woman who dares to make her own way in the world.