Genora Dollinger

From the Great 1937 Sitdown Strike in Flint, came the “Joan of Arc of Labor.”  At 23 she organized the Women’s Brigade, which provided food and stood with the Flint strikers. In 1945 union-busting wave of violence she was beaten with a lead pipe in her bed. She never wavered in her fight for labor, human rights and she is one of the foremothers of the Women’s Liberation Movement. People often think that courage is acting without fear.  As I look at Genora's life, I see her courageously taking action, in spite of fear because for her, anything less would be capitulation.

Genora Dollinger, 2015, Encaustic, paint with steel pipe on sheet metal, 12.5” x 18” x 3.5,” ©2017 Pat Benincasa   All Rights Reserved