Nitro Nellie Goins

Nellie Goins is a love story about husband and children-everything else followed! Nellie married Otis at 16 and they had four children. Otis had a passion for cars and they bought a 68 Barracuda, but Otis could not drive it because he had diabetes. Knowing that he was heartbroken, she offered to drive the car. Nellie Goins is the first African-American woman drag car racer. In 1971, she made racing history when she used nitro-injected fuel! Hence her name “Nitro Nellie!”

Nitro Nellie Goins, 2015, Encaustic, paint on sheet metal with 1968 Barracuda fender plate, 12” x 12” x 1.5,” ©2017 Pat Benincasa   All Rights Reserved